Barefoot Floor Fundamentals 14CE

Ashiatsu Meets Thai Massage on the Mat

Course Description

14CE This class is perfect for massage therapists who want to to explore the world of barefoot massage while keeping their feet on the ground. You'll learn barefoot Thai massage techniques for the lower body and upper extremities (applied over the sheet or clothing) and ashiatsu techniques with cream/oil for the upper back, neck and shoulders. In class we will practice on mats on the floor but the sequence works flawlessly on a massage table lowered all the way to the ground. We reserve a generous amount of time during class to discuss this easy set up and make sure you feel confident to start practicing before you leave. $420 In-Person Training. Tuition includes photo manual and access to study videos to use in your practice sessions after class. View Upcoming Events

Learning Outcomes

The main objective of this course is to present principles of barefoot massage application related to pressure delivery, weight distribution, core strength, stamina and flexibility AND to allow massage therapists an opportunity to practice a full body barefoot massage sequence that doesn't require a cable-release table or a support system attached to the ceiling or the table. At the end of this course you will have a full body barefoot massage sequence for the floor that, with a little practice, you can share with your clients as a one hour session.