Code of Ethics

Elevate Massage Training students agree to uphold the following ethical standards

  1. A commitment to providing the highest quality of care

  2. Honest representation of qualifications

  3. Acknowledgement of limitations and contraindications

  4. Adherence to all laws governing massage therapy practice in the state in which you are licensed

  5. Performance of thorough client interview and intake procedures

  6. Clear communication of expectations and treatment goals to acquire accurate, informed consent

  7. Consistency in training and practice

  8. Ongoing personal and professional assessment

  9. Non-discrimination and respect toward the inherent worth of all clients, classmates and health care professionals

  10. Confidentiality of all client information

  11. Avoidance of sexual misconduct


“Learned fresh, new material to incorporate into my current practice. Leaving class exciting about doing my practice sessions and learning more!” -Elizabeth W.