Emma Crystal - Barefoot Bodywork Instructor

Emma began her teacher training in the field of massage therapy with Charlene Gaffney in 2015. Here's what Emma has to say about being a licensed massage professional.

"For over 15 years, I worked as a computer technician, troubleshooting and resolving software issues, repairing computers, etc. That was my day job. Before that I was a performing artist, beginning as a dancer trained in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and ballroom styles and finally branching into musical theatre. From there, I began choreographing shows, musicals, operas, etc. for different companies and schools in the area. Looks like a lot, right? Try doing it all at the same time! Yes, I worked on computers during the day, danced, sang and acted my heart out at night and took deep breaths in between. 

Through all this, I felt a need to make people feel better by massaging tight shoulders during long shifts behind the computer, on breaks at the theatre and at my house. With my hands, I could bring quick relief and help others to focus better, de-stress and relax. That felt good! So when the computer world started to chafe more than usual, I knew exactly where I needed to go. Since I was getting such great feedback from everyone I touched, I enrolled in my massage school so I could practice massage therapy professionally.

Now I've learned how to apply everything I know how to do with my hands - WITH MY FEET! It's been a natural progression for me and I am excited for the opportunity to share my experience with you!"


"Amazing courses. Exceptional instructors!" - Gwen B.

NCTMB Approved CE Provider, Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Member, THAI Healing Alliance International Registered Instructor, Memphis Massage Professionals Ambassador, Reports to CE Broker Massage CE Classes,  

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