Erin Law - Barefoot Bodywork Instructor

Erin began her Thai massage and barefoot bodywork training in the field of massage therapy with Charlene Gaffney in 2015 while she was also enrolled in massage school.She graduated from the Mind Body Institute, a Nashville-based Massage Therapy School in 2016.


She comes from a 15-year career in professional and academic dance and holds a Certification in Movement Analysis, as well as a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. Erin’s experience in dance, kinesiology, and somatics (mind-body training), coupled with her past training for the half marathon, has taught her the importance of maintaining a healthy and happy body for optimum performance. Massage and bodywork have always been an integral part of her life as someone who is invested in her own physicality, and she is overjoyed to now be able to share her experience with her fellow massage professionals. 


"Amazing courses. Exceptional instructors!" - Gwen B..