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Sun, Feb 04


Ocean Springs, MS

Intro to Ashiatsu

A 5 CE "barefoot play day" for beginners to explore the world of barefoot massage on the floor and on the table, with bars and without. Get answers to all of your questions about equipment and physical requirements and determine which barefoot massage course is the right one for you to take next.

Intro to Ashiatsu
Intro to Ashiatsu

When & Where

Feb 04, 2024, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ocean Springs, MS, 807 Holcomb Blvd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564, USA

Details & Registration

Have you ever thought about adding Ashiatsu to your therapeutic skill set but aren't sure where to start? Then this is the PERFECT class for you to gain a clear perspective on the ways in which you can incorporate barefoot massage techniques into your current practice. This course starts with an introduction to the application of barefoot compression first on the floor then on the table with the bars. The second half of the course is dedicated to the practice of lubricant-based barefoot massage on the table from the seated position and with the bar support system. Prerequisite: Licensed Massage Therapist (you will be asked to provide your license # and state). Massage students who have completed at least 50% of their massage school curriculum (and hold student-level insurance) are invited to join in on this class.

In this five hour workshop you will :

1. Identify the key movement principles behind all barefoot massage applications

2. Feel the physical requirements in your own body as you hold on to the bar support system mounted to the ceiling and allow gravity to help you deliver deep tissue massage like never before.

3. Ask your most pressing questions about your bar construction project and equipment requirements to determine if bar construction/set up is possible in your current space.

4. Decide if a focus in ashiatsu is right for you and determine which barefoot massage intensive course to take next

5. Identify the necessary time and financial commitments required to acheive a successful training and practice experience for yourself and your clients.

You are NOT required to take the Intro to Ashiatsu course as a prerequisite to any of our core table and bar ashiatsu immersion courses but many therapists choose to do so as a way to become more familiar with the modality, our teaching style and the basic principles of ashiatsu barefoot massage practice. Plus, you will have a head start on your unique bar construction project when you take this course first because we cover important details related bar installation, special equipment, set up and safety procedures (though we also cover these topics in our other bar classes).

Approved in TN, AL, GA, FL, IN, MO, and all states that accept the NCTMB credential  #451520-10

CE Broker #50-19440

Mississippi Approved Provider and Program MAP#92 Program#902

Instructor Charlene Gaffney has been a licensed massage therapist for 21+ years and has over 18 years of teaching experience in both entry-level and continuing education environments. She is a registered instructor with the Thai Healing Alliance International, a Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator with the AFMTE and the founder/curriculum specialist for Elevate Massage Training. Charlene Gaffney has been a massage therapist for more than 20 years. 


-pen, notebook

-Shoes you can slip on to quickly enter and exit the training room during practice (best option is rubber flip flops that can be easily wiped down with soap and water)

-one set of sheets (flat, fitted, face cover for a standard massage table)

-Massage cream or oil (no lotion please)

-Waist holster for cream or oil

-One hand towel

-Soft, clean, feet with short, smooth toenails

-Wear loose, comfortable clothing - pants cropped at the knee or just below the knee OR fitted leggings that stop mid-calf or at the ankle. 

-water and light snacks

The Bar Construction Questionnaire (see below) can also be found on your confirmation ticket attached as a PDF file to your registration confirmation email. This questionnaire is to be completed by all students who think they will want to install ashiatsu bars in their current space above the massage table at any time in the future. Bring the answers to class, along with photos/videos of your massage space, so that your instructor can help you with your unique project. If you don't already have bars installed we recommend waiting until after you have taken the class because there are so many variables that you may not think about until you have completed the class and received guidance from your instructor. We have found that it's better if students prepare all the information on the questionnaire, determine WHO is going to take on the project (if you aren't doing them yourself then ask whoever takes on the project to help you complete the questionnaire as a part of the project consultation) and set an installation date up for immediately after your training.

Bar Construction Questionnaire

Please take phots and video of the space where you plan to practice ashiatsu and bring them to class along with answers to the following questions :

  1. What type of ceiling do you have? Examples residential, drop ceiling, vaulted etc…
  2. What is the distance between the floor and the ceiling? You need at least 8-9 feet.
  3. The height(s) of the therapist(s).
  4. What supports are in your ceiling? Which direction do they go?  What is the distance between them?
  5. Are there electrical cords, air vents, fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, fire sprinklers and/or other fixtures and attachments in the ceiling? Please describe.
  6. What are the dimensions of the room(s)?
  7. Are there windows in the room? Where?
  8. Is there a wall for the head of the table to be close to?
  9. How low does the table go. How high?
  10. Does your current landlord allow for modifications below and above the ceiling in your massage room?
  11. Does the building provide the contractor or can you use your own? Are they required to be licensed and insured?
  12. What type of anchors are available in your space, steel, wood or concrete?
  13. What is the access to the anchoring? Is it above the drop tile?

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