Hot Herbal Compress

Course Description

Tumeric, Lemongrass, Ginger, Lime, Camphor and more! Nourish your client's body with therapeutic heat and medicinal steam. Herbal heat penetrates deep into tense and tired muscles that might be too tender to touch. The comforting warmth and herbs help with conditions such as arthritis, headaches, poor circulation and pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments. The air in your treatment room fills with aromatic steam that soothes many of the upper respiratory ailments that are prevalent as the seasons change. This course teaches safe handling and technique application for the table. Receiver remains clothed. No lubricant is used.

Learning Outcome

Students will demonstrate safety and proficiency in the application of the Thai hot herbal compress on the table.


No previous experience required. 


One day of training (8 CE) that presents the basics techniques used in Thai hot herbal compress applications on the massage table. Options for applying the compress directly to skin and through a sheet or towel are presented. The course also covers set up, clean up and storage for the compress along with a discussion of primary ingredients and their indications, contraindications and cautions.