Intro to Acu-Thai

Course Description

Learn a set of lines & points that are essential for treating soft tissue pain and restricted movement patterns. This is a required course for both the Table Thai and Barefoot Bodywork training programs. Any massage therapist can take this course to improve their touch accuracy and increase the effectiveness of their sessions.

Acupressure is a direct massage application that opens and clears the main pathways of movement and energy to allow the body to better adapt to stress. Some points may feel numb when pressed while some may feel painful and intense. Clear communication is necessary in order for the practitioner to determine the appropriate level of pressure that will initiate the body's natural healing processes. 


Learning Outcome

Students will palpate and treat selected lines and points that are essential for the practice of therapeutic, pain-relieving massage including, but not limited to, Thai and Barefoot Bodywork.


No previous experience required.


One day of training (7 CE) that presents selected acupressure points in relation to the lines of energy and movement that they follow throughout the body. Students trace the lines and points drawn on the demo body with the help of their instructor then locate them on their partner.