Intro to Acu-Thai 7 CE

Table Thai Acupressure Basics

Course Description

7CE Take this course to improve touch accuracy and increase the effectiveness of your massage sessions on the table, Thai-style! Learn a set of lines & points that are essential for the practice of therapeutic, pain-relieving massage. ​​Identify theories of practice related to the application of acupressure with the intention of initiating the body's natural healing response. ​$210 In-Person Training View Upcoming Events

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate a Thai-style acupressure treatment on the table for the arms, legs and back that can be applied over clothing or directly through the skin. You'll learn how to use your palms and thumbs to open and clear pathways of movement and energy to allow the body to better adapt to stress. Feel all lines and points from your instructor and share plenty of practice time with your classmates. Come prepared to be drawn on with washable, non-toxic markers!