Elevate Massage Training About Us


We believe that learning is an ongoing,  collaborative effort. To achieve professional growth we need support, inspiration and encouragement. We are here to help you invigorate and revitalize your massage career no matter what stage of practice you are in or what modalities of massage you practice. We offer business, ethics and mind-body CE courses for licensed massage therapists through the Elevate Massage Training Network. Read on for more details or click here to view a list of upcoming events and register for class.

Somatic Movement Education Workshops

Patterns of Total Body Connectivity 4 CE, $100

Live Webinar : In this course, massage therapists will explore movement as a full body experience fueled by patterns that are naturally present in the human body. Learn about developmental movement from both the perspective of human baby motor development and from a larger scope of evolutionary biology. Read More About This Class​​​​​​​

Ethics & Professionalism

Character Development

Our level of compliance with the ethical rules of our industry PLUS our aspirational commitment to growth and development create our professional character. Discover how personality influences professional identity and learn your professional character type here.

Business & Career Development

Massage Business Plan Breakout

Your mindset as a professional plays a powerful role in the achievement of career success. Knowing HOW to manage your business makes you responsible. Fueling your business with the energy of your biggest goals and dreams makes you UNSTOPPABLE! Start planning your breakout here.