Student Centered Learning

We value educational experiences that encourage students to learn by self-analysis, ample hands-on training time, plenty of access to the instructor during training and sufficient resources to practice with after class. We recognize that every practitioner has their own distinct background, aspirations and learning needs. Each student has something to contribute to the knowledge we share in class.The facilitation of student-centered learning experiences is the main reason why we keep our trainings small, 12 students max per instructor. The result of student-centered learning is a more focused practitioner with a higher mastery level. A few of the benefits of a higher mastery level include

  • A deeper sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of your massage therapy practice
  • The ability to help more clients and get more focused results
  • A professional reputation upgrade
  • Increased referrals

Immediate Application

We value curriculum that is practical, current, and relevant to the practice of professional massage and bodywork. Every technique and theory we offer is consistently reviewed and critiqued for its ability to support career longevity. We also value organized education that provides a framework of study for individuals that practice in a variety of professional, therapeutic environments. All of our classes and certificate programs support immediate application by

  • Encouraging the use of prior knowledge and experience gained in massage school and professional practice
  • Developing professional communication skills within the teacher/student and client/therapist relationships.
  • Providing consistent opportunities for feedback from qualified individuals who have exeprience in the subject matter.
  • Promoting an intrinsic motivation to learn through thought-provoking discussions and progress evaluation.

Responsible Leadership

  • We value research, inquiry and investigation.
  • Student feedback is a top priority and we ask for it at the end of every class. We know that our ability to consistently implement creative and evolving solutions to constructive student feedback is the key to successful training outcomes.
  • We strive to reflect and respect diversity. We want our students and staff to discover and take pride in their strengths and celebrate differences. We do our very best to create a learning environment where EVERY PERSON feels comfortable, safe and open to sharing/receiving new information.
  • We aspire to be a general force of good that generates a positive impact in the lives of of students and the massage industry as a whole.

Community & Collaboration

  • We value non-competitive learning environments that nurture the innate talents of each individual learner. Regular connection with other professionals is an important part of self-care and growth.
  • We believe that learning is a collaborative effort. Students get an opportunity to work with different partners throughout the training. We often provide guest clients for the added experience working with various body types. Everyone is encouraged to offer something to our group discussions. We don't like to "lecture" nearly as much as we like to discuss. All input is welcomed and considered within the context of the learning environment. This is not “convention center learning.” In our core classes presenters are not on stage above a sea of massage therapists speaking into a microphone.
  • We value public facing education that creates demand for massage therapy services. We do this by offering public clinics and workshops and by teaching our students how to communicate with clients about newly acquired skills.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help massage therapists enjoy and extend their career and to inspire life-long learning and growth. We combine the wisdom from our respective traditions with our own, unique healing gifts to create inspired, collaborative and engaging classroom environments that prepare you to USE what you learn and keep going with it. We strive to offer more than a CE report to your licensure board. We aim to facilitate community learning experiences. Our sincerest wish for you is that you enjoy the training so much that you make a commitment to continue your learning far beyond the standard license renewal requirements.


In a perfect world we imagine that ALL professional bodyworkers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and support they need to use their entire BEING - mind, heart, hands, knees, feet - to deliver results-oriented, client-centered treatments that leave them with energy to burn instead of burnt out.

The Foundation

While the Elevate Massage Training brand officially came on the scene in 2017, our CE classes and certificate programs represent decades of practice with the time-honored methods passed on to us from our teachers. We are professional massage practitioners and educators who are dedicated to both tradition AND innovation. Just like you we have been through massage school, started careers and continue to navigate ourselves through the ever-changing world of professional massage therapy.We know it can be intense out there because we are out there with you. We understand that we are stronger as a profession when we genuinely work together, learn from and support each other. This ongoing cultivation of comaraderie is the true foundation of our organization. Want to know more about our history? Click here to read about our founder, Charlene Gaffney.

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