Patterns of Total Body Connectivity 4CE

Somatic Movement Education Workshop

The Massage Therapy Connection

There are six movement patterns and the therapist will first practice each one through guided facilitation then reflect on how that movement manifests (or not) in their own body and during massage application. Upon completion of the class the massage therapist will be equipped with a deeper understanding of organic body movement that will allow them to create new movement habits that better support their practice.

Developmental Movement

In this course, massage therapists will explore movement throught the lens of developmental patterns that are naturally present in the human body. The concepts and movement activities presented in this class are offered as a complement and alternative to what massage therapists traditionally learn in school about body mechanics and biomechanical principles. Therapists will learn about developmental movement from both the perspective of human baby motor development and from a larger scope of evolutionary biology. $100 Live Webinar

Patterns of Total Body ConnectivityErin Law
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