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Ashiatsu Training : Where to Start with CE Courses

Elevate Massage Training offers beginner, intermediate and advanced Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage CE courses on the mat and table for licensed massage therapists.

We have FIVE ashiatsu "level one" courses that are suitable for beginners (and beyond) and can be taken in any order at any time ...


Ashiatsu Barefoot Floor Fundamentals Course (14CE) START HERE IF ... bars just aren't an option in your space right now OR you just want to start with your feet on the ground, first. You'll learn to use your feet to apply a full body sequence that starts with Thai-style, clothes-on acupressure and stretching for the neck, back, shoulders and extremities and finishes with a deep, gliding ashiatsu-style massage with lubricant for the back and shoulders. All the equipment you'll need to practice and start sharing this sequence with your clients is a floor mat, a bolster, a king sized pillow, the face cradle and face pillow from your massage table and a short stool at the head of the mat with a wall behind you for support.

Seated Ashiatsu START HERE IF ... you want to use your feet to massage on the table but aren't ready for the bars just yet. This course will teach you how to sit on a stool at the head of the massage table and use cream or oil to perform an upper body barefoot massage sequence for prone and supine positions. To offer this service you'll need to be able to sit on a tall stool at the head of your massage table with a wall behind you for leverage and support.

Barefoot Bar Basics (21CE) START HERE IF ... you are ready to stand on the table and use one foot at a time plus the overhead bar support system to deliver a lubricant-based, full body barefoot massage sequence for prone and supine positions.The bar support system and a sturdy, well crafted massage table are the most important pieces of equipment that you'll need to properly practice what we teach you after class. We will help you with your unique bar construction project once you sign up for the class.

Barefoot Press & Stretch (21CE) START HERE IF ... you don't want to mess around with draping and lubrication like we do in the Barefoot Bar Basics course. Instead, clients keep their clothes on while you use your feet to deliver deep muscle compressions and Thai-style stretches to their entire body. You're going to need bars for this one, too, but we will help you with your unique project once you sign up for the class.

***We also have an optional, 1/2 day Intro to Ashiatsu (5CE) course for beginners who have a general curiosity about ashiatsu but aren't quite ready to make the full leap onto the table and bars by signing up for a multi-day immersion training. The 1/2 Intro to Ashiatsu course helps anwer common questions like :

  • Is ashiatsu something I’m physically able to do?

  • Is it something I’ll enjoy doing?

  • Is bar construction/setup possible in my current workspace? If not, what other options are there?

The Intro to Ashiatsu course is an optional/elective course that is not required as a prerequisite to any "Level 1" or "Level 2" course.

Prerequisites for "Level Two" ashiatsu courses are Barefoot Bar Basics and/or Barefoot Press & Stretch ...

ASHIATSU "LEVEL TWO" COURSES ARE ALL TAUGHT ON THE TABLE WITH BARS >>> "Level Two" Ashiatsu courses also have prerequisites ...

Intermediate Barefoot Sidelying + Props (14CE) Prerequisite : Barefoot Bar Basics This course offers a full body sequence of lubricant-based techniques for side lying position AND is jam-packed full of tips, tricks and tools for enhancing the effectiveness of your barefoot massage sessions with straps, silks and heated pillows.

Advanced Ashiatsu : Two Feet (21CE) Prerequisite : Barefoot Bar Basics Warm up the body with a series of ashiatsu techniques that flow from head to toe. You'll learn creative transitions for smoothing out your sequence and preparing for the deeper work that you will learn how to apply with both feet on the client at the same time. You must have the ability to pull yourself up into the bars to remove some of your weight from your client's body while standing on them with both feet. Can you do at at least one chin up on your bars from a bent-elbow position? Do you have clients that want and are able to receive your entire body weight?

Barefoot Fusion (14CE) Prerequisites : Barefoot Bar Basics and Barefoot Press & Stretch Ashiatsu meets Thai-style stretching. Learn a new sequence that combines gliding techniques and range of motion exercises to elongate the tissues and create a new sense of openness. Receiver is undressed and draped with a sheet. Oil/cream is used.

MORE ABOUT OUR ASHIATSU COURSES > > > Each of our courses (except the Intro to Ashiatsu course) offers LMTs a full body sequence that can be used as a stand-alone treatment or integrated in with other techniques that you already know.

At the end of each course you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for purposes of CE reporting and tracking the progress of your training.  

If you really plan to add ashiatsu to your menu of services then we strongly advise that you are prepared with the proper space and equipment set up for completing some practice sessions immediately after each class. Your instructor will help you develop a strategy for completing these post-class practice sessions along with any check-off requirements that will help you to qualify to attend the Advanced Ashiatsu Intensive Course.

As a licensed massage therapist you may choose to take a single CE course to comply with licensure renewal requirements or work your way through the entire program to add an Ashiatsu focus to your practice.

Which course you start with is up to you. We hope the information in this article helps you decide!

Elevate Ashiatsu Courses are broken down into the following categories :


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