Mission: Responsible Leadership through Student-Centered Learning

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

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Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Professionals

We believe that focused learning or, student-centered learning, represents responsible leadership within the professional continuing education sector. We recognize that every practitioner has their own distinct background, aspirations and learning needs. Each student has something to contribute to the knowledge we share in class. Our assessment-based training programs are grounded in many years of our own experience in CE courses, private practice and working with the information that we teach. Each Elevate MT course is an offering of our team's unique expressions of healing with a foundation in the time-honored methods passed on to us from our teachers. The standards we set forth for graduates of our classes are designed with success in mind. We want you to USE what you learn with us and feel inspired to to keep going with it.


The result of student-centered learning is a more focused practitioner with a higher mastery level. A few of the benefits of a higher mastery level include

  • A deeper sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of your massage therapy practice

  • The ability to help more clients and get more focused results

  • A professional reputation upgrade

  • Increased referrals


We make learning a fun, challenging and engaging experience. We DO have a set of standard protocols to teach you but this IS NOT a cookie-cutter education. Our protocols are a guide to the tried and true methods that we have used for years. We feel like our job is to teach these protocols and empower you with the skills you need to adapt them. Every student is different. Every body is different.

We give you the how AND the why. Each course offers a stand alone, full body treatment that is taught progressively throughout the class. At the end of class you get an opportunity to put it all together into a full session. We sprinkle lessons on theory ALL THROUGHOUT the training programs and each class offers related discussions to the protocols being taught.

Learning is a collaborative effort. Students get an opportunity to work with different partners throughout the training. We often provide guest clients for the added experience working with various body types. Everyone is encouraged to offer something to our group discussions. We don't like to "lecture" nearly as much as the like to discuss. All input is welcomed and considered within the context of the learning environment. We keep our class sizes small so students have plenty of opportunities to work one-on-one with the instructor. This is not “convention center learning.” In our regular classes presenters are not on stage above a sea of massage therapists speaking into a microphone.

You get opportunities to learn at your own pace. Students get free access to our online video archives. These videos present the baseline protocols for each primary and advanced class we offer within the certificate programs. Go back and review any technique you learned in class at anytime. You have lifetime access as a graduate.

We strive to reflect and respect diversity. We want our students and staff to discover and take pride in their strengths and celebrate differences. We do our very best to create a learning environment where EVERY PERSON feels comfortable, safe and open to sharing/receiving new information.

There are many opportunities to collect feedback. In the beginning of every class we explain procedures for offering feedback and constructive criticism during the training session. Because CE courses are often short and sometimes intense we have set up a 100hr Primary Certificate Program for each of the three modalities that we teach. Thai on the Mat, Thai on the Table and Barefoot Bodywork on the Bars. These program requirements act as a guide for improving your skills at whatever level you are practicing on. Giving and receiving to qualified individuals for feedback is the cornerstone to these programs.


We offer 100 hr primary programs of study in barefoot bodywork and Thai massage on the mat and table. Our primary courses are intended to introduce you to our style and allow us to evaluate your aptitude for further training. If you have never received training in Thai massage or barefoot bodywork then any of our primary courses are the perfect place to start. You may attend these courses as an introduction to the modality or as a way to refresh your current skill set.

All of our primary and advanced certificate programs support student-centered learning by

  • Encouraging the use of prior knowledge and experience gained in massage school and professional practice

  • Developing professional communication skills within the teacher/student and client/therapist relationships.

  • Providing consistent opportunities for feedback from qualified individuals who have exeprience in the subject matter.

  • Promoting an intrinsic motivation to learn through thought-provoking discussions and progress evaluation.


We currently offer two 100hr advanced training programs in Thai on the Mat and barefoot bodywork. In order to advance you must demonstrate what you have learned in our primary courses to a qualified professional for feedback. Our assessment-based training programs put you in touch with our network of practitioners that are genuinely interested in your success.

Our sincerest wish for you is that you enjoy this work so much that you make a commitment to continue your learning far beyond the standard license renewal requirements. We are an approved continuing education organization that is willing to go the extra mile for YOU. Dedicated practitioners like you are the reason we exist in the first place. Your success depends on our ability to MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE then GUIDE YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


We have found private, customized training to be one of the best methods for working with practitioners that have previous experience in the modalities we teach. Cost, curriculum, location and duration are determined in a complementary needs assessment. If you would prefer to organize private study instead of attending one of our pre-arranged classes then please get in touch. info@elevatemassage.training


Enroll in a class today and join us on our mission to help massage therapists enjoy their healing arts practice, extend their careers and inspire professional growth.

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