Covid-19 Pandemic Response - We Haven't Lost Our Purpose

Updated: Oct 28

Right now our purpose as massage therapists is to uphold the oath we took to DO NO HARM. By closing our practices and staying home we are demonstrating courage in the face of uncertainty. We are prioritizing client safety and sending the message that we care. 

We haven’t lost our purpose. Caring for others has always been our purpose. We are still caring, aren’t we? The decision to stop practicing is simply a different act of caring than the touch we are accustomed to providing. 

No, we haven’t lost our purpose. Our purpose is the same as it’s always been - to acknowledge and respect vulnerability and to hold space for resting, healing and resetting.

Our purpose has always been to take care of ourselves so that we can best serve those that need us. And we are certainly going to be needed after this. 

We haven’t lost our purpose. We have gained an opportunity to give to ourselves all the love and care that we spend every day of our lives sharing with others. 

We have gained an opportunity to prepare the best version of ourselves for our communities when it is time to touch again. 

We have gained an opportunity to replenish our personal energy reserves that have been running low and to cultivate new reserves in anticipation of the rush that is coming. 

So, right now, let’s show up for ourselves in the ways we have always wished that we could but never had the time. Let’s be shining examples of the benefits that a self-care practice awards. This is, right now, our purpose.