Setting goals for Your Massage Business: Four Steps to the Bigger Picture

Updated: Oct 28

Step 1 - Remember the REASON WHY you started.

Ok. I know that sounds simple for some of you focused and driven types. And some of you may think I’m being cold when I tell you that I’m not talking about the “helping people” reason either. Helping people is an extremely important reason to practice and, for me, is actually the overarching goal that guides every other goal I set in my practice. Yet, if this is used as the ONLY goal of a for-profit business then there is a chance for things to get a little out of balance. The goal of THERAPY is to help people. The goal of BUSINESS is to make a living doing it.

>>>The reason I’m asking you to remember is the lifestyle that you want your career to support.

We get so involved with caring for others that sometimes we leave little time to think about what WE want out of our practice. We must take time periodically to re-evaluate our personal life goals to be sure that our desire to help people isn’t overshadowing our ability to help ourselves.

Step 2 - Allow Yourself to Dream

Use the categories below to guide you in defining your lifetime goals (which are goals that go out +10 years).

  • Family & Home Life - What does balance feel like to you? Include significant other/spousal relationship here, if applicable.

  • Relationships - What lifetime partnerships and friendships do you want to have or maintain?

  • Health & Wellbeing - What does body/mind health mean to you?

  • Location - Where geographically do you want to be?

  • Career - What level of achievement do you want to reach?

  • Financial - How much and by what age?

  • Education - Is there any additional education that you want or need to complete your career goals?

  • Personal Interests/Hobbies - How do you enjoy life? What activities do you participate in during your free time?

  • Outlook - Are there any limiting thoughts, feelings or behaviors that you recognize within yourself that are holding you back? How will you transform?

  • Charitable Contributions of time and/or money - How do you want to give back?

Step 3 - Decide how satisfied you are with the current state of affairs in each of your life categories by assigning a number 1 - 10 to each of the categories above 1 = extremely dissatisfied and 10 = extremely satisfied.

Step 4 - Choose at least one category with a low satisfaction number and brainstorm a few ways in which your practice can support your lifetime goals in this area. For example - if you are not meeting your financial goals then you may set an actionable goal to take a few more appointments each week or to implement a price increase. Another example for a low number in relationships would be to take a look at your schedule and decide to take an extra day off each month.

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