13 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Sessions

Updated: Oct 28

You just completed training and are ready to try out your new skills. It's a good idea to do a few practice sessions before offering the new techniques to your paying customers. Here are some tips for making the most out of your practice sessions as you prepare to put them on your menu.


1. Treat your practice client like you would any other paying client.

2. Create a welcoming space that invites constructive feedback.

3. Have them fill out an intake form and perform a general health assessment.

4. Give an overall explanation of the session you will do and remind them that you will be asking for feedback throughout. Ask them to use the 1 – 10 pressure scale to provide feedback about the depth and intensity of your work.

5. Review the questions on the feedback form with your client BEFORE you start the session so they know what you are looking for.


6. Use the beginning of the session to establish a rhythm and flow.

7. Don’t start asking for feedback about every single technique and detail right away. This is distracting. Pick a few of the moves that you know you need to work on and ask about those.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on any feedback you receive that you don’t understand.


9. Allow some time for your client to talk to you about how they feel once the session is over. Encourage them to give you more information than just “I feel so relaxed” or “that was amazing.” Ask them to identify the specific areas of their body that feel relaxed and clarify what was so amazing.

10. Ask them to complete the feedback form before they leave in order to get fresh and accurate feedback about the session

11. If you feel like they give good feedback and that you work well together then ask them to come back for another practice session after you have worked on a few more people with different body types.


12. Don't practice on your paying clients.

13. If you practice on your paying clients anyway then do it AFTER/SEPARATE FROM the time that they pay for. Let them know you are learning something new and you would like to offer them a free sample as a treat.

What guidelines do YOU follow when completing your practice sessions after class? Email them to me, I want to know! charlene@elevatemassage.training