Your Physical Office Space: Six Considerations from the ClienT Perspective

Updated: Oct 28

The decisions you make about your physical office space and location affect how clients perceive your business. What your clients SEE, HEAR, SMELL and TOUCH contribute to their overall perception of your practice. Let’s imagine we are a client of our own business.

This post will help you consider the physical components of your business that clients encounter when they interact with your business. Have a pen and paper handy and write down any items you may not have thought about when you first started working on your business plan.

1. When a potential client drives or walks by your business...

Is there a sign that is visible from the street? Do you need one?

Whereis the entrance to the building? Is it welcoming?

Is this location in a busy part of town or quiet and tucked away?

Are the neighboring businesses attracting the same type of client that you want to attract?

Are there any particular smells present in the neighborhood?

Is this location close to public transportation? Does it need to be?

Does this location seem to be in a safe area?

2. When a client arrives at your office...

Is your business easy to find? Did you give them directions?

Is there ample parking?

How easy is it to enter the building and find your office?

Are there signs or a directory that point the way?

Does the building feel safe?

Are there multiple businesses in this building?

What type of people are present in this environment?

3. When a client enters and waits in your reception area...

Is the area well lit? Is it clean? Is it wheelchair accessible?

Is there a place for coats, boots, umbrellas?

What does it smell like? What does it sound like?

Is there a receptionist there to greet and check in?

Where does the client fill out their paperwork?

Is there quality air and ventilation?

How is this area decorated?

Are the furnishings comfortable? Is there enough seating?

Are there reading materials available during the wait?

Is there water or other beverages available in this area?

Is the restroom easy to locate from here?

4. When a client enters the treatment space...

Is there music playing? What does it sound like?

What is the temperature of the room?

Is there privacy for dressing/undressing?

Is there a designated place for clothes and client belongings?

How is the table or mat made up? Is it attractive and clean?

Is there sufficient lighting for dressing/undressing?

What is the lighting like during the treatment?

Is there tissue and a wastebasket available?

What décor is present? Is it appropriate?

Are there other noises from outside of the practice that can be heard?

5. When the client leaves the treatment space...

Is water available after the session?

Is the lighting sufficient for dressing and exiting the room?

Is there a mirror?

Is it safe and easy to exit the space?

6. When the client leaves the office/building...

Where is payment collected and the next appointment booked?

Are there business cards available on the way out?

Is there a private place to speak after the session, away from others who are waiting?