Seven Reasons Why Our Thailand Trip is Unique

Updated: Oct 28

Are you considering a trip to Thailand to study Thai massage? Let me tell you about the unique trip we have planned and share a few reasons why you should come with us.

WE HELP YOU CONNECT. We feel that the purpose of a study trip to Thailand is to make a connection with the local culture. We create our itinerary with this in mind. We study at Thai schools with Thai teachers. We visit important cultural sites that offer a glimpse of traditional and spiritual aspects of this work. We offer plenty of opportunities and suggestions for receiving Thai massage in a variety of settings and from a diverse group of practitioners. After all, we learn by receiving, too.

WE SPEND MORE THAN ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK. We know that Bangkok is an overwhelming city for many travellers. We have heard that many people don’t even stay here on their first trip to Thailand.Yet, there are some very important sites to see here such as depictions of traditional medical knowledge carved in marble tablets that hang on the temple walls at Wat Po, the former royal residence at the Grand Palace, the giant, 46 metre long reclining buddha covered in gold leaf, the skyline of skyscrapers and night lights and the life-blood of Thailand - the Chao Phraya River, just to name a few. Yes, it’s a crazy big city. Yes, the traffic is terrible. And yes, we are by your side throughout the entire experience. 

WE HAVE A BALANCED, WELL-ORGANIZED ITINERARY. We offer three cities in three weeks and have received much positive feedback about the balance of free time within the schedule. This is a whirlwind adventure to see what we consider to be the highlights of Thailand. What many people don’t realize is that a lot of the things you think about doing in Thailand, beaches, elephants, city life, nature, boat rides, etc.. are spread out in different areas of the country. Our trip keeps you on the move just enough to experience the diversity in culture and landscape within this beautiful and magical country.

WE ARE LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS. You must be into the study and practice of Thai massage in order to go on this trip. We keep our tours small, no more than eight people, so that we can experience Thailand as individuals and not as a group of tourists being shuffled around on a tour bus and herded together by a megaphone. We strive to maintain a calm, positive vibe at all times.

WE ARE FOODIES. We like street food and fancy dining and everything in between. We are good at helping you climb outside of your food comfort zone. And, we are equally as good at helping you find some comforting soul food when you need it, too! You even get an opportunity to take a cooking class to learn how to make some of your new favorite dishes.


WE MAKE FRIENDS EVERYWHERE WE GO. Our students tell us that they feel like family everywhere we go. We have taken the time to develop special relationships with local Thai people and business owners. We know how to be good guests, make a proper greeting, haggle on the markets and communicate with tuk-tuk and taxi drivers in a culturally appropriate way. And we help you do it, too.

WE TAKE A RELAXING TRIP TO THE BEACH. I mean, what more do you want me to say? Have you really been to Thailand if you haven’t lived the island life? I’ll leave that decision up to you. 

Ready to go? Check out our 3 Cities in 3 Weeks Thailand Study Tour here.

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