Barefoot Press & Stretch 14 CE

Is Kourier available in my area?

We have drivers all throughout the metro-Vancouver. For areas outside of our service areas please give us a call.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send?

We deliver just about anything. Just select the correct size of item you are delivering and we will figure out the rest. Keep in mind, we do not take hazardous substances, highly fragile items, people, items prohibited by law, drugs, chemicals, or any other materials that will put safety of our drivers or community members at risk.

Do I need to schedule deliveries ahead of time?

For regular items (small to large sized items) we will deliver on-demand. Whenever you need the delivery you can book instantly. For X-larger items instant booking may vary depending on the day.

Will Kourier drivers help load and offload items?

Kourier drivers are not movers. If you are delivering something large or heavy please ensure you have someone who can load at the pickup location and offload at the dropoff location.

How does pricing work?

All deliveries are based on distance, service level, and size. When booking you will be instantly quoted a price for the delivery. As long as your delivery matches the details you provided you will only pay the price you are quoted. No hidden fees, fuel surcharges, or other add-ons.

Does the delivery time start right when my booking is confirmed?

The delivery time is based on the time the delivery is picked up. For example, if you choose a 3 hour delivery, the 3 hours starts from the time the driver arrives to pickup the item from the sender.