Seated Barefoot Bodywork 14 CE

Basic Ashiatsu

Course Description

14CE Sit at the head of the table and apply steady, gliding pressure with your feet. No standing on the table. No overhead bars required. You’ll need enough flexibility to step up and swing one leg over to the other side of a 28” stool and sit comfortably with your back against the wall, knees together as in a cannonball position. $420 In-Person Training. Tuition includes training manual with photos and free, 60-day access to online study videos to use in your practice sessions after class. We recommend starting your barefoot bodywork journey with this class or the Intro to Ashiatsu Play Day. View Upcoming Events

Learning Outcomes

You'll be surprised how much massage you can do with your feet on the neck, shoulders, pecs, arms, upper and middle back. At the end of this class you will be able to demonstrate a one hour, upper body Swedish-style massage sequence using mostly your feet and key acupressure points as landmarks. Throughout the training students will give and receive techniques with their classmates and instructor then put the entire sequence together at the end of class. With a few practice sessions and some modifications to your treatment space you will be ready to offer this treatment on your menu of services as Upper Body Ashiatsu!