Shifting Workplace Conflict 2CE

From Crisis to Calm

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Every massage therapist has their own, unique personality that is always present within their professional character. This personality is made up of a unique set of morals, values and beliefs that influence the professional decision-making process. TAKE THE QUIZ

Personality Response

Workplace conflict arises between two or more people as a disharmonious interaction of personalities based on misunderstanding or disagreement during client interactions, colleague relationships and daily business transactions. An understanding of how the individual personality responds during conflict can refine professional behavior and redefine our interpretation of ethical codes of conduct and industry standards of practice. What's Your Professional Character in Conflict?

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Workplace Conflict : Shifting from Crisis to Calm

2 CE, $50 Live Webinar : This class starts with a discussion about mindset, attitude, personality and body response during conflict. We will discuss some common conflict scenerios and explore the concept of mindfulness as a reliable and professional first response. At the end of class you will learn a simple, mindfulness technique that, with a little practice, will help you instantaneously shift your nervous system and immediately dissolve negativity. View Scheduled Events and Registration

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