Table Thai Explorations

Course Description

This course presents a mixture of techniques that utilize the hands, forearms and feet to apply Thai massage while sitting, lunging and half-kneeling on and around the massage table with client in supine, prone and seated positions. Participants identify related cultural practices and learn theoretical concepts that can be applied to the use of balms/liniments during the seated portion of the sequence.

Learning Outcome

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Thai massage applications for client prone, supine and seated positions. 

  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of related cultural and theoretical concepts by completing a short, written quiz at the end of class.


No previous experience required. *This course counts as 14hrs of the 70hrs core coursework requirement for the Primary Table Thai Program.


Two days of training (14 CE) that present a choreographed sequence for client in supine and prone position. Practitioners will practice sitting, lunging and half-kneeling on and around the table to effectively apply stretching and compression techniques to the major muscle groups and energy lines of the body. This course is a great place to understand more about the physical requirements for performing table Thai techniques.