Thai Bend & Twist

Course Description

This class introduces a series of Thai-style, full body stretches. Learn how to safely assist forward and back bending along with a variety of twists and stretching from all positions using your own body, pillows and props. Practice joint mobilization and breathing exercises for yourself and with a partner and discuss concepts related to cultural practices of Thai massage.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Thai massage applications for client prone, supine, side-lying and seated positions. 

  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of related cultural and theoretical concepts by completing a short, written quiz at the end of class.


No previous Thai massage experience required *This course counts as 14hrs of the required 70hrs core course requirements for the Primary Thai Massage Program.


Two days of training (14 CE) that present a choreographed sequence for client using all body positions. This course teaches a variety of assisted stretch techniques that can be incorporated into your current Thai massage practice on the mat. After a sufficient warm up has been performed we will use our entire body to guide the receiver through a series of assisted stretches.