Thai Core & More

Course Description

Thai massage for the abdomen, torso/trunk. Stimulate core energy and invoke deep, restorative energy flow throughout the body. Learn a new sequence and variations on some old favorites! Receiver remains clothed. No lubricant is used.

Learning Outcome

Students will demonstrate proficiency using their entire body to apply Thai massage techniques to client in supine and prone positions.


No Thai massage experienced required, however, if you are working to complete your Primary Thai Massage Training then we recommend starting with the Thai Open & Ground or Thai Stretch to Seated courses, especially if you are new to the field of massage therapy as a whole. *This course counts for 21hrs of the required 70 core coursework hours for the Advanced Thai massage training program.


Three days of training (21 CE) that present a choreographed sequence for client supine and prone positions. This sequence introduces practitioners to a simple yet powerful abdominal massage routine that stimulates the internal organs and releases stagnant energy in the muscles of the torso/trunk. This course also explores the concept of wind gate/blood stop and techniques for efficiently moving core energy through the extremities.