Two Feet & Flow

Course Description

Warm up the body with a new series of barefoot massage techniques on the bars that flow from head to toe. You'll learn creative transitions for smoothing out your sequence and preparing for the deeper work to be performed with both feet. 

Learning Outcome

Students will demonstrate proficiency using their feet to provide a one hour barefoot massage with oil on the table. 


Seated Barefoot Bodywork, Barefoot Bar Basics, Barefoot Press & Stretch, Intro to Acu-Thai. *This course counts as 21hrs of the 70hrs core coursework requirement for the Advanced Barefoot Bodywork Program.


Three days of training (21 CE) that present a choreographed sequence for practitioners that already have some experience in barefoot massage. Learn how to gracefully transition between one foot and two feet. Compress and glide along major muscle groups and movement pathways while standing on client with both feet. These techniques are best received by client's who weigh approx. 50 pounds or more than you. Your instructor will insure you have an appropriate body to practice on during class. This course also focuses on sequence design and integrating your new skills in with your current ones. The sequence starts with some new one-footed moves and stretching on the anterior body followed by head to toe one and two footed techniques for the posterior side.