Charlene Gaffney

Charlene Gaffney - Founder - Educator

Charlene's journey in the healing arts began in 1998 when she practiced yoga for the first time and experienced the connection of mind, body and breath. This connection sparked a period of self-reflection, transformation and the discovery of her own unique healing abilities. 


Her desire to understand the healing process and help others led her to earn a 600 hr diploma in massage therapy from Blue Cliff College in Gulfport, MS. (2001), a bachelor of arts in psychology and language from the University of Memphis (2010) and a 200hr kundalini yoga teacher certification (2014). In pursuit of travel, she also earned a masters in English with a certificate to Teach English as a Second Language from the University of Memphis (2012). Charlene is a Certified Educator of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork with the AFMTE and is a registered Thai therapist and instructor with the Thai Healing Alliance International.

Charlene's goal as an educator is to create engaging learning environments that inspire continuous learning and growth. She helps her students infuse their healing arts practice with focus and creativity. From 2004 - 2013, Charlene taught massage therapy at Concorde Career College in Memphis, TN. She was involved with the creation and implementation of curriculum for every required course in the program. Her favorite courses to teach were A&P and the Eastern healing traditions. She has guided many massage students through the professional examination and licensure process. She has also maintained an active massage therapy practice since her own graduation and offers small business training to massage therapists who desire to transition into private practice.


She is constantly inspired by the unique and talented massage therapists she meets in training. Her teaching style aims to nurture the innate talents of each individual practitioner. Charlene is grateful for her teachers, colleagues, clients, students, friends and family members for their sharing of wisdom, kindness and loving support.

Charlene has studied with many amazing schools, teachers and mentors in the US & Thailand, some of them include Chuck Duff, Tanya Boigenzahn, Michael Buck, Suriyan Punyafoo, Dot Po, Ravi Singh & Ana Brett, Ruthie Hardee, Mary-Claire Fredette, Master Ou Wen Wei, Pichest Boonthumme, Nephyr Jacobsen, David Wells , Tid Tai, Kaewnapa Sripodok, Pierce Salguero , Thanee Boonsom, Rose Griscom, Al Turner, Gregory Oed, Bob Haddad and Therdchai Chumphoopong. She travels regularly throughout the US and abroad to continue her studies and takes regular trips to Thailand and SE Asia with other massage therapists to introduce them to Thai culture and train in Thai massage.


“Ms Gaffney’s course motivated me to pursue Thai massage.”

- Andre’ J.