Thai massage utilizes rhythmic massage, acupressure, assisted yoga and stretching techniques to relieve tension, clear restricted patterns of movement, stimulate energy flow and restore balance. 

Whether you are new to mat-based bodywork or already have some experience, we have some exciting course offerings on the mat waiting for you!

Stretch, press and pull your clients into a new state of openness and energy in one of these beginner course.

We offer table Thai massage courses for licensed massage therapists who cannot or don't want to work on a mat on the floor OR don't currently have room for a mat in the treatment room.

Take your practice to a deeper level with our 100hr beginner and 100hr advanced Elevate Thai Massage Programs.

Our trip to Thailand is designed for professional bodyworkers who are interested in studying Thai massage. All levels welcome. No previous Thai massage experienced required. Beginner and advanced classes available. The sharing of Thai massage is like a moving meditation. It is a nurturing dance between giver and receiver and a vehicle for exploring the connection of body, breath and loving intention. 



We approach Thai massage as a physical and energetic practice infused with and informed by the healing concepts of traditional Thai medicine. Thai massage balances the major movement pathways of the body and is beneficial to soft tissue dysfunction and pain. Emotional, mental and spiritual benefits result from giving and receiving Thai massage as well. 

Traditionally, Thai massage is practiced on a mat on the floor. Many of the traditional Thai massage moves on the mat can be translated to the table, however, body mechanics, angles and positioning often need to be altered in order to produce the intended results. It’s difficult to treat the table exactly the same as the mat because it is not level with the ground. Many of the giving positions in traditional Thai massage revolve around kneeling and using the floor as a counter to the joint movements and pressure. It’s not impossible to translate the work to the massage table. It just takes knowledge of what each technique is supposed to accomplish so that the adaptation for the table gets that same result without compromising client or practitioner safety.

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