Ashiatsu Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced CE Course Descriptions

This page contains a list of ashiatsu barefoot massage courses and links to individual course descriptions. If you are new to Elevate Ashiatsu Training then please also take a look at our where to start page for recommendations on the best ashiatsu courses to take first or return to the Elevate Ashiatsu Training Home Page

Course Descriptions

Seated Barefoot Bodywork 14 CE, $420

Sit at the head of the table and apply steady, gliding pressure with your feet. No standing on the table. No overhead bars required to offer upper body ashiatsu on your menu of services! We recommend starting your barefoot bodywork journey with this class or the Intro to Ashiatsu Play Day. Read more about Seated Barefoot Bodywork course

Barefoot Bar Basics 21 CE, $630

Stand on the table and apply a flowing, deep, Swedish-style massage with one foot while using the non-working foot and bars on the ceiling for support. You'll need a moderate level of core and upper body strength and some confidence in your ability to balance. Receive guidance for your bar construction project and prepare to offer Ashiatsu Bar Therapy on your menu of services! A great class for bar beginners and any experienced practitioner that wants to refine their current skills and learn the Elevate approach to barefoot massage. Read more about Barefoot Bar Basics course

Barefoot Press & Stretch 14 CE, $420

Thai on the table with a TWIST! Stand on the table and use mostly your feet to apply acupressure, deep muscle compression and yoga-like stretches. Bars mounted to the ceiling above the table are used for balance and support. Receiver remains clothed. No lubricant is used. Receive guidance for your bar construction project and prepare to offer Barefoot Thai Massage on your menu of services! Read more about Barefoot Press & Stretch course

Intro to Ashiatsu : A Barefoot Bar Play Day 5 CE, $150

Practice feeling with your feet and applying Swedish-style oil massage and Thai-style compression. Learn how to set up your workstation and ask your most pressing questions about bar construction. Learn two barefoot techniques that don't require bars that you can use right away and determine if a focus in barefoot massage is right for you. Read more about Intro to Ashiatsu Play Day course

Barefoot Floor Fundamentals 14 CE, $420

Ashiatsu and Thai massage blend seemlessly together in this complete barefoot floor sequence for client prone and supine positions. You'll learn how to stand on the floor and use one foot to apply Thai-style compressions over the sheet along the major energy lines of the extremities Then, sit on a short stool and use your feet and cream or oil to apply gliding ashiatsu strokes to the back, neck and shoulders. No overhead bars or straps required. Read more about Barefoot Floor Fundamentals

Intermediate Ashiatsu Courses

Barefoot Side-lying + Props 14 CE, $420

This is a fun, interactive training that builds on your current barefoot bodywork skills. At the end of this class you will be able to demonstrate safe and effective use of silks, straps, towels, hot pillows and bolsters in a barefoot massage session with client in side lying, supine and prone positions. Read more about Barefoot Side-Lying + Props course

Intro to Acu-Thai 7 CE, $210

Take this course to improve touch accuracy and increase the effectiveness of your barefoot massage sessions, Thai-style! Palpate a set of lines & points with your hands that are essential for the practice of therapeutic, pain-relieving barefoot massage.

Read more about Intro to Acu-Thai course

Advanced Ashiatsu Courses

Two Feet & Flow 21 credits, $630

Warm up the body with a series of ashiatsu techniques that flow from head to toe. You'll learn creative transitions for smoothing out your sequence and preparing for the deeper work that you will learn how to apply with both feet on the client at the same time. Pre-requisites: Seated Barefoot Bodywork, Barefoot Bar Basics, Sidelying + Props

Barefoot Intensive 35 credits, $1,050

This course introduces treatment protocols for a variety of musculoskeletal imbalances for supine, prone and sidelying positions. Also includes lessons on acupressure theory, oils, client assessment, self-care and integrative practices. Pre-requisites: Seated Barefoot Bodywork, Barefoot Bar Basics, Barefoot Press & Stretch, Barefoot Fusion, Two Feet & Flow

Barefoot Bar Fusion 14 credits, $420

Ashiatsu meets Thai-style stretching. Learn a new sequence that combines gliding techniques and range of motion exercises to elongate the tissues and create a new sense of openness. Receiver is undressed and draped with a sheet. Oil/cream is used. Pre-requisites: Seated Barefoot Bodywork, Barefoot Bar Basics, Barefoot Press & Stretch, Sidelying + Props

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