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These beginner, intermediate and advanced ashiatsu CE courses are all taught on a massage table. We offer six core immersion courses and all of them utilize the ashiatsu bars mounted to the ceiling above the table (except Seated Ashiatsu) Every course focuses on :


  • a logical sequence of techniques for the entire body (Seated Ashiatsu is upper body only)

  • the fundamentals of gravity-assisted bodywork 

  • practitioner body mechanics and barefoot touch accuracy

  • general principles for giving a balanced and flowing ashiatsu session with a meditative state of mind


Our ashiatsu courses are designed to build upon the principles of professional touch that are taught in massage school. Therefore, we require our students to have a license to practice massage therapy as a prerequisite to taking any of our ashiatsu courses. All Level 1 courses are suitable for any LMT and can be taken in any order at any time. Level 2 courses have specific Level 1 prerequisites.


Keep reading on this page for detailed course descriptions OR

check out this article about the types of Ashiatsu certificates LMTs can earn in our courses OR

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14CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 1 - Supine and Prone Positions. Sitting down on the job has never felt so good! This course will teach you how to sit at the head of the massage table and apply steady, gliding pressure with your feet. No overhead bars required to offer this upper body ashiatsu treatment on your menu of services. There are a few important pieces of equipment you will need to be successful in your sessions : a tall stool positioned at the head of your massage table with a wall behind you for leverage and support and an adjustable headrest for honoring the natural curvature of the cervical spine. You will also need to be able to lower your massage table enough to allow gravity to assist you with your pressure. Seated Barefoot Bodywork is a great course to start your ashiatsu training with if you are eager to go barefoot but not quite ready for bars. If you already have some training on the bars then you'll find that these techniques are an effective complement to any standing work that you do. You'll be amazed at the amount of detailed massage that can be performed for the neck, shoulders and upper back. The body mechanics are a little different than what's required for working on the bars and you'll certainly need to learn how to engage your core and stretch your hip flexors! Once you get the hang of it, you and your clients will start to really look forward to this treatment and clients may not even realize that you are using your feet! 



21CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 1 - Supine and Prone Positions. Many things hands can do feet can do, too! This basic bar course will teach you how to stand on the table and use one foot to apply flowing, deep, lubricant-based massage while using the non-working foot and bars on the ceiling for support. You'll need a moderate level of core and upper body strength and some confidence in your ability to balance while standing and stepping on and off the table  Learn protocols for treating sciatica, shin splints, back pain, limited shoulder ROM, tennis elbow and more. If you don't already have bars installed we recommend waiting until after you have signed up for your first bar class because there are so many variables that you may not think about until you have completed the course and received guidance from your instructor who will provide you with all the information you need for your unique construction project. 



21CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 1 - Supine and Prone Positions. Thai on the table with a TWIST! Ashiatsu meets Thai Massage in three this day course where you will learn how to use bars mounted on the ceiling above the table, your entire body and one working foot to apply broad, firm pressure along the major movement pathways of the body and perform energizing, Thai-style stretches to further release restrictions. Techniques are taught in class with the receiver remaining clothed, though most of these techniques can also be administered with the client unclothed using a sheet drape. No lubricant is used. You'll need a moderate level of core and upper body strength and some confidence in your ability to balance while standing and stepping on and off the table This course is suitable for barefoot bar beginners as well as those who already have some experience on the bars and are wanting to learn something new! We dedicate time on the last day of class to discuss your unique bar construction project so you will have everything you need to get set up after class. If you already have bars installed then you will enjoy our discussion and likely be inspired to make some improvements or adjustments to your existing structure. 



14CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 2 - Side lying, Supine and Prone Positions - Prerequisite : Barefoot Bar Basics This is a fun, interactive training that builds on your current barefoot skills. In addition to a complete sequence of techniques for side lying position you will learn how to increase the effectiveness of your sessions with new tools including silks, straps and heated pillows. This combination of techniques can be used to get more specific with your treatments, adds a new angle to your barefoot work and gives your arms and shoulders a break from being overhead. Access hard-to-reach areas of the body, initiate a deep relaxation response from the mind and body and work with clients who have difficulty lying on their stomach and/or back for extended periods. 



21CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 2 - Supine and Prone Positions - Prerequisite : Barefoot Bar Basics First, warm up one side of the the body at a time with a series of one and two footed ashiatsu techniques that flow from head to toe. Learn creative transitions for smoothing out your sequence then turn it up a notch with a full on two feet flow that will take your ashiatsu practice to the next level. You'll need to have a significant amount of upper body and core strength fto control your body weight and pressure during this class along with clients who are willing and able to enjoy the pressure of your full body weight. It's an intense three days that will leave you with a brand new love for the experience of barefoot massage. 



14CE ASHIATSU IMMERSION TRAINING Level 2 - Supine and Prone Positions - Prerequisites : Barefoot Bar Basics AND Barefoot Press & Stretch Ashiatsu meets Thai-style stretching in this intermediate-level training. Learn a new sequence that combines gliding techniques and range of motion exercises to elongate the tissues and create a new sense of openness. Receiver is undressed and draped with a sheet in this lubricant-based session. 


New to the world of barefoot massage? Or just not quite ready to make the full leap onto the table and ashiatsu bars? Receive a softer introduction to ashiatsu barefoot massage by signing up for The Intro to Ashiatsu (5CE) and/or the Barefoot Floor Fundamentals (14CE) elective courses. Learn More >


Level 3 - This five day course is designed to help experienced practitioners develop skillful assessment procedures, treat common client complaints, explore new theories and bodywork tools, customize sessions and conserve energy. Prerequisites : All six core immersion courses and documented practice sessions.

Need help deciding where to start or continue your Ashiatsu training? Read this article - Ashiatsu Training : Where to Start

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