Massage school prepared you to be a competent, touch professional. You studied the ethics of touch, laws & rules. You practiced your clinical reasoning skills and studied various pathological conditions. If you attended a school in the west, you studied in some detail Swedish and deep tissue styles, maybe some neuromuscular trigger point therapy, a little bit of hydrotherapy and some sports massage.

You may have received an introduction to some other modalities, too- maybe even Thai massage and ashiatsu. And, while these modalities were fun to learn and share, they were not necessarily considered “entry level” material. Especially if you were studying to take a licensure exam. It’s also possible that the study of anatomy & physiology might have felt like learning a whole new language. Many students tell us that studying Thai massage and ashiatsu feels the same way sometimes. They say it’s like learning how to be a massage therapist all over again.Think about how many hours you spent in massage school. 200? 500? 750 or more? What about all the time since then that you’ve spent honing your skills as you work in the field? A thorough study of Thai massage and ashiatsu requires the same type of dedication. 

Our ashiatsu and Thai massage programs are designed to build on the skills you already have as a massage professional while at the same time presenting an elevated set of standards and best business practices that are specific to these modalities. You can also study business, ethics and somatic movement therapy with us WITHOUT enrolling in our ashiatsu or Thai massage classes or programs. Check out our all of our CE Workshops & Seminars and join us for a career-invigorating experience.