About Elevate Massage Training

We imagine that, in a perfect world, ALL professional bodyworkers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and support they need to use their entire BEING - mind, heart, hands, knees, feet and entire body - to deliver results-oriented, client-centered treatments that leave them with energy to burn instead of burnt out. 

Massage school prepared you to be a competent, touch professional. Our CE courses, workshops and seminars are designed to build on the skills you already have while at the same time presenting an elevated set of standards and best business practices. 

The result of our student-centered, holistic approach to education is a more focused massage therapist with a higher mastery level.

A few of the benefits of a higher mastery level include:

A deeper sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of your massage therapy practice

The ability to help more clients and get more focused results

A professional reputation upgrade

Increased referrals

All of our classes and certificate programs support immediate application by

Encouraging the use of prior knowledge and experience gained in massage school and professional practice

Providing consistent opportunities for feedback from qualified individuals who have exeprience in the subject matter.

We value research, inquiry and investigation and make student feedback a top priority. We aspire to be a general force for good that generates a positive impact in the lives of our students and the massage industry as a whole.

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