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Course Descriptions

Thai Open & Ground 14 CE

Use your hands, elbows, thumbs, knees and feet to apply Thai-style acupressure along the sen lines, release restricted movement, stretch the body and restore balance in client prone and supine positions. Class includes Thai foot and hand refloxology sequences! Prerequisite : Licensed massage therapist $350 Live Webinar $420 Live

Thai Stretch to Seated 21 CE

Open the hips and relax the torso with a deep stretch sequence in client supine position. Then transition client to sitting and apply more stretching and a neck and shoulder massage with Thai balm. Prerequisite : Licensed massage therapist $525 Live Webinar $630 Live

Thai Bend & Twist 14 CE

This class introduces a series of Thai-style, full body stretches. Learn how to safely assist forward and back bending along with a variety of twists and stretching from all positions using your own body, pillows and props. Prerequisite : Licensed massage therapist $420 Live

Thai Side-lying 21 CE

Learn a full body Thai massage sequence for the side-lying position. Apply acupressure, range of motion and stretching using your hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Prerequisite : Licensed massage therapist $630 Live

Intro to Thai Massage 5 CE

This course is an interactive exploration of body movement and biomechanical principles related to working on a mat on the floor. Identify the primary body postures that you’ll need to master to effectively perform Thai massage on a mat and learn a short sequence of techniques that you can begin practicing right away. Prerequisite : Licensed massage therapist or massage student who has completed at least 50% of their massage school curriculum (and hold student-level insurance). $125 Live Webinar - $150 Live