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These beginner and intermediate CE courses are all taught on a cushioned mat on the floor. We offer six core immersion courses and two elective courses that can all be taken in any order at any time. Every course focuses on


  • a logical sequence of techniques for the entire body

  • the fundamentals of positioning and transitioning

  • appropriate practitioner body mechanics and

  • general principles for giving a balanced and flowing Thai Massage session with a meditative state of mind


Our Thai Massage courses are designed to build upon the principles of professional touch that are taught in massage school. Therefore, we require our students to have a license to practice massage therapy as a prerequisite to taking any of our Thai Massage courses.


Keep reading on this page for detailed course descriptions OR

check out this article about the types of Thai Massage certificates LMTs can earn in our courses OR

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14CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Supine and Prone Positions. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. It is a misconception that Thai massage is ALL about stretching. In this course you will learn how to use your palms, thumbs, knees and feet to apply acupressure along the major sen lines of the anterior and posterior body to release restrictions in movement, practice a series of deep, full body stretches to further open and energize and cultivate a calm, meditative state of mind and a timeless sense of wellness when sharing bodywork. You'll also learn simple and powerful Thai foot and hand reflexology sequences! You can use what your learn as a stand-alone treatment on the mat and/or integrate the techniques into your current table practice. 

TOG Course


21CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Supine and Seated Positions. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. This sequence of Thai Massage techniques starts supine to open the hips and relax the torso with acupressure and a series of deep stretches. To finish we transition the client into the seated position and move through a series of mobility exercises, stretching and massage for the arms, back, neck and shoulders followed by a neck and shoulder massage with Thai herbal balm. There is quite a bit of choreography in this class because the body positions flow logically from one technique to the next. This makes the transitions between the techniques as important to the therapy as the techniques themselves! 

TSS Course


14CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Supine, Prone, Side Lying and Seated Positions. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. This course is the best of beginner Thai massage bends and twists. Think partner yoga meets massage therapy. The progressive sequence of techniques you'll learn in this class works great as an adjunct to your table work yet can be applied in a one hour sequence all by itself. You'll learn how to work with the breath to facilitate bending and twisting, clear patterns of restricted movement and methods for warming up the body to prepare for deeper work. You will also define the similarities and differences between Thai Massage and Thai Yoga and practice a selection of Thai Yoga self-care exercises. 

TBT Course


21CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Side Lying Position. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. You may not believe that we can spend three full days working in the side-lying position but it's true, we do! You'll learn how to apply acupressure, range of motion and stretching techniques using your hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Many students tell us that this is the only mat class they have taken in which many of the techniques translate naturally to the table. Not that we intended it that way! We love side-lying position as a stand-alone treatment OR worked in to a prone and supine sequence to mix things up. It's great for accessing otherwise hard-to-reach areas of the body, initiating a deep relaxation response from the mind and body and for working with clients who have difficulty lying on their stomach and/or back. 

TSL Course


21CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Supine & Prone Positions. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. This course offers Thai massage techniques to stimulate core energy and invoke deep, restorative energy flow throughout the body. Learn to use your hands, elbows, forearms and feet to apply acupressure and passive stretching techniques that release movement restrictions and clear the way for more core power! This class also includes an abdominal massage sequence and a detailed back massage sequence that both finish with the application of the Thai hot herbal compress. Upon completion of this course you will be able to demonstrate basic compress handling techniques, identify all necessary equipment for performing a safe and effective session and define best practices for using hot herbal compresses on the abdomen and the back. 

TCM Course
Thai Massage Training


14CE THAI MASSAGE CORE IMMERSION COURSE Supine & Prone Positions. All levels welcome. Beginner-friendly. Learn a new Thai massage sequence using mostly your feet and knees to apply acupressure and passive stretching and explore equipment options for maintaining balance and support. 

THF Course


5CE 1/2 Day Course : Working on a mat on the floor is a new experience for many massage therapists. If you are curious about Thai massage but not ready to jump in to a multi-day immersion training then try this class out. In this 1/2 day course you will explore mat-based body mechanics and the primary giving postures that you'll need to master to effectively perform Thai Massage. You will also learn a short sequence of techniques that you can practice and use after class. Tuition includes a manual with photos.  You are NOT required to take the Intro to Thai Massage class as a prerequisite to any of our immersion courses but many therapists choose to do so as a way to become more familiar with the modality, our teaching style and the basic principles of Thai Massage practice. 

Thai Intro Course
Thai Compress and Herbs_edited.jpg


21CE THAI MASSAGE ELECTIVE IMMERSION COURSE Must have at least 21hours of Thai Massage training on the mat in order to participate. Turmeric, Lemongrass, Ginger, Lime, Camphor and more! Nourish your client's body with therapeutic heat and medicinal steam from the Thai Hot Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob). Herbal heat penetrates deep into tense and tired muscles that might be too tender to touch. The comforting warmth and herbs help with conditions such as arthritis, headaches, poor circulation and pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments. The air in your treatment room fills with aromatic steam that soothes many of the upper respiratory ailments that are especially prevalent as the seasons change. The first two days of training focus on setting up and using pre-made compresses from Thailand in a full-body Thai Massage treatment on the mat. On the third day of training we will make our own compresses then use them in a session with a partner. 

Tha Compess Intensive Course


Study Thai Massage in the Land of Smiles on one of our Thailand Study Tours. We have courses available with reputable Thai schools and instructors for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Learn Thai Massage, rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit and experience the magic of Thailand with us!


This five day course is designed to help experienced practitioners develop skillful assessment procedures, treat common client complaints, perform subtle energy work techniques, explore Thai medicine theory and and use various Thai bodywork tools such as the hot herbal compress. Prerequisites : All six core immersion courses (or equivilent training) and documented practice sessions.

Need help deciding where to start or continue your Thai Massage training? Read this article - Thai Massage Training : Where to Start

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