Thai Massage on the Mat Beginner and Advanced CE Course Descriptions

This page contains a list of Thai massage courses and links to individual course descriptions. If you are new to Elevate Thai Massage Training then please also take a look at our where to start page for recommendations on the best Thai massage courses to take first or return to the Elevate Thai Massage Training Home Page

Advanced Mat Courses

Thai Core & More 21 CE, $630 Live

Thai Massage CE Certification Thai massage for the abdomen, torso/trunk. Stimulate core energy and invoke deep, restorative energy flow throughout the body. Learn a new sequence and variations on some old favorites!

Thai Herbal Intensive 21 CE, $630

Thai Herbal Compress CE Certification Learn how to incorporate the Thai hot herbal compress into a nurturing, aromatic, full body massage sequence on the mat. Receiver remains clothed. Some Thai massage training on the mat required.

Thai Massage Intensive 35 CE, $1,050

Thai Massage CE Certification Learn a series of treatment protocols for some common client conditions. Also includes lessons on medical theory, client assessment, yoga, Thai culture and spiritual practices. Pre-requisites: Thai Open & Ground, Thai Stretch to Seated, Thai Side-lying, Thai Bend & Twist, Thai Core & More and Thai Hands Free.

Thai Hands-Free 14 CE, $420 Live

Learn a new Thai massage sequence using mostly your feet and knees to apply pressure. Expore equipment options for maintaing balance and support.

Course Descriptions

Thai Open & Ground 14 CE, $350 Live Webinar $420 Live

Thai Massage Certification Use your hands, elbows, thumbs, knees and feet to apply Thai-style acupressure along the sen lines, release restricted movement, stretch the body and restore balance in client prone and supine positions. Class includes a Thai foot refloxology sequence! Read more about Thai Open & Ground course

Thai Stretch to Seated 21 CE $525 Live Webinar $630 Live

Thai Massage CE certification Open the hips and relax the torso with a deep stretch sequence in client supine position. Then transition client to sitting and apply more stretching and a neck and shoulder massage with Thai balm. Read more about Thai Stretch to Seated course

Thai Bend & Twist 14 CE, $420 Live

Thai Massage Certification This class introduces a series of Thai-style, full body stretches. Learn how to safely assist forward and back bending along with a variety of twists and stretching from all positions using your own body, pillows and props. Read more about Thai Bend & Twist course

Thai Side-lying 21 CE, $630 Live

Thai Massage CE Certification Learn a full body Thai massage sequence for the side-lying position. Apply acupressure, range of motion and stretching using your hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Read more about Thai Side-Lying course

Mat-Based Body Mechanics Course 5 CE, $125 Live Webinar - $150 Live

This course is an interactive exploration of body movement and biomechanical principles related to working on the floor. You will identify the primary body postures that you’ll need to master to effectively perform Thai massage on a mat, discuss the benefits and limitations of mat-based massage and learn a short sequence of techniques that, with a little practice, you can begin using with clients right away. Read more about Mat-Based Body Mechanics course

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