Ethics & Training AgREEMENT


Elevate Massage Training students agree to uphold the following ethical standards

  1. A commitment to providing the highest quality of care

  2. Honest representation of qualifications

  3. Acknowledgement of limitations and contraindications

  4. Adherence to all laws governing massage therapy practice in the state in which you are licensed

  5. Performance of thorough client interview and intake procedures

  6. Clear communication of expectations and treatment goals to acquire accurate, informed consent

  7. Consistency in training and practice

  8. Ongoing personal and professional assessment

  9. Non-discrimination and respect toward the inherent worth of all clients, classmates and health care professionals

  10. Confidentiality of all client information

  11.  Avoidance of sexual misconduct



You agree to the following terms of training

  1. You represent that you are a currently licensed massage therapist. If you are not currently a licensed massage therapist, you have consulted with Elevate Massage Training about your specific circumstances and have received permission to participate.

  2. You will bring your best attitude and your entire BEING to training.  

  3. You will be fully present and engaged in the training.

  4. You will act respectfully, responsibly and professionally at all times.

  5. You will both give and receive the massage protocols being taught.

  6. If you feel another class member has acted inappropriately, you will report such incident immediately to the course instructor.

  7. You will not use audio and video recording or take photos during class.

  8. You are responsible for informing your instructor as soon as possible of any health issues or conditions that may impact your participation in the training classes.  Your instructor will work with you and give suggestions for how you can best minimize your risk for further aggravation of existing health conditions. Depending upon the severity of your health condition, your instructor may advise you to wait until your condition is better before completing the class. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, it is strongly recommended that you wait until after your baby is delivered prior to taking one of these classes.

  9. Continuing education credits cannot be awarded for time not spent in training.

  10. Elevate Massage Therapy reserves the right to deny entry to a class if the instructor believes that a student’s participation could result in injury to themselves or others.


Terms of Use

1.     By way of participating in any of the Elevate Massage Training classes, you agree that you may be photographed while participating in the class and such photos may be used by Elevate Massage Training for use on its website or social media sites, creation of pamphlets, or used in any other type of marketing materials.

2.    You understand that completion of this course does not automatically qualify you for Elevate Massage Training’s certificate program.  There are additional requirements that must be completed, including additional courses, documented practice sessions, a live demonstration session, and other activities identified by your instructor and program director. 

3.    You will not identify yourself orally or in writing or hold yourself out in any way as being certified by Elevate Massage Training.

4.    You agree that this training curriculum and accompanying manual is the property of Elevate Massage Training and may not be reproduced without permission from this organization. You are not currently and will not in the future teach to any individual or entity any of the concepts, techniques or protocols offered to you in this workshop without permission from Elevate Massage Training. 

5.    Any suggestions for products and equipment to be used in your professional massage therapy practice, such as massage tables, oils, or herbs, are based merely on the personal experiences and preferences of the instructors.  Elevate Massage Training assumes no responsibility or liability for your use of those products.  You are responsible for your own choice of products and equipment in your practice.