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Add an ashiatsu focus to your practice and receive our endorsement as an Elevate Ashiatsu Practitioner by completing up to 200hrs+ of interactive training and practice on the table and bars.


Our endorsement programs are assessment-based. This means that there are no annual fees or recertification requirements. We will teach you a set of skills then assess your proficiency through one-on-one evaluations and community interaction.



  • Confidence in using barefoot massage to customize sessions to meet the individual needs of your clients

  • Professional reputation upgrade as a barefoot massage specialist

  • Certificate for framing and displaying your credentials

  • Advanced notice on new courses, study trips and retreats

  • Optional listing on our therapist directory with link exchange

  • Community support and networking for your practice

  • Mentorship opportunities and possible teach assist


The Elevate Ashiatsu Endorsement is an advanced credential designated to therapists who demonstrate skillful assessment procedures and treatment for common client complaints. To qualify to receive the Elevate Ashiatsu Endorsement students must :

  • complete all seven table immersion courses and their respective award requirements

  • complete the Advanced Ashiatsu Intensive course (must complete all seven immersion courses prior to signing up for the Ashiatsu Intensive)

  • document receiving two sessions from qualified ashiatsu practitioners

  • complete a student/instructor exchange

  • attend a performance review

  • evaluate three case studies

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