Thai Massage Primary and Advanced Certificate Programs 

This page contains details about the 100hr beginner and advanced Elevate Thai Massage Training certificate programs on the mat only. If you are new to Elevate Thai Massage Training then please also take a look at our where to start page for recommendations on the best Thai massage courses to take first or visit the course description page for more details on individual CE course offerings.

Elevate Thai Massage Certificate of Endorsement

Add a Thai Massage Focus to Your Practice

You may choose to take a single course to fullfill CE requirements OR begin methodically working through our 100 hour primary program on the mat to add a Thai massage focus to your practice. We do not offer a certificate program for table Thai. Our training program is assessment based. This means that there are no annual fees or ongoing recertification requirements. We will teach you a set of skills then assess your proficiency through one-on-one evaluations and community interaction. Our primary and advanced programs also allow for individual discovery of theory and cultural practices as guided by you and your instructor.

100hr Primary Certificate Program

100 hour Thai Massage Primary Program Requirements -70 hours of core coursework (Thai Open & Ground, Thai Stretch to Seated, Thai Side-lying and Thai Bend & Twist) -25 hours of documented practice sessions (This is the amounted of documented sessions you must turn in. More practice may be required) -5 hours to include hands-on practical, performance review and a written quiz

Benefits of Completing Certificate Requirements

Upon completion of all program requirements you will receive - our endorsement as an Elevate Thai Massage practitioner - a certificate for framing and displaying your credentials -a profile listing on our website with optional linkback to your personal website -discounts on future training -advanced notice on special events and travel opportunities -mentorship opportunities and possible teach assist

100hr Advanced Certificate Program

100 hour Advanced Thai Massage Program Requirements -70 hours of advanced coursework (Thai Core & More, Thai Hands Free, Thai Massage Intensive) -25 hours of documented practice sessions -5 hours to include hands-on practical, performance review and a written quiz

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