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Thai Massage Training : Where to Start with CE Courses

Elevate Massage Training offers beginner, intermediate and advanced Thai Massage CE courses on the mat and table for licensed massage therapists.

OUR PROGRAM IS FLEXIBLE > > > If you are a licensed massage therapist then you can take any of our Intro and Immersion Courses on the Mat and Table Thai Courses in any order at any time.

Our Intro and Immersion Courses on the mat are where most LMTs start or continue training with us...

Each of our six core IMMERSION COURSES ON THE MAT is open to beginners and beyond and can be taken in any order at any time ...

Thai Massage Open & Ground (14CE)

Thai Massage Stretch to Seated (21CE)

Thai Massage Bend & Twist (14CE)

Thai Massage for Side Lying Position (21CE)

Thai Massage Core & More (21CE)

Thai Massage Hands-Free (14CE)

***We also have an optional, 1/2 day Intro to Thai Massage on the Mat (5CE) course for beginners who have a general curiosity about Thai Massage but aren't quite ready to jump into a multi-day immersion course. This 1/2 day intro course is NOT a prerequisite to any of our other courses. You can take the Intro to Thai Massage on the Mat course in-person or online at any time to earn 5CE credits and check out our teaching style!***

MORE ABOUT OUR MAT COURSES > > > Each of our six immersion courses on the mat offer a unique, full body sequence of techniques while also highlighting a specific aspect of Thai Massage such as acupressure, passive stretching, Thai Yoga and herbal medicine. LMT participants must be able to sit, kneel, lunge and move around on the floor throughout each 8hr training day in order to complete these courses.

At the end of each Thai massage immersion course you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for purposes of CE reporting and tracking the progress of your training.

If you really plan to add Thai Massage on the mat to your menu of services then we strongly advise that you prepare to complete some practice sessions immediately after each class. Your instructor will help you develop a strategy for completing these post-class practice sessions along with any check-off requirements that will help you to qualify to attend the Advanced Thai Massage Intensive Course on the Mat.

Our Table Thai Courses are designed to help LMTs improve client outcomes with Thai Massage techniques that have been adapted for table bodyworkers. Our most popular Table Thai courses are the one day Table Thai Acupressure course and the two-day Table Thai Explorations course - both of which we rotate into our training schedule throughout the year. You may also request one of our Table Thai courses for special CE events such as conferences or private group trainings. You can take any Table Thai course we offer in any order at any time.

Our Thailand Study Tours accommodate all levels of experience in Thai Massage from beginner to advanced. Over the years we have developed relationships with several reputable, Thailand credentialed schools and highly respected, experienced and registered Thai instructors. To qualify to travel with us you must first complete the free application for the trip you wish to join. *Preference is given to LMTs who have taken one or more Thai Massage courses with Elevate Massage Training but you do not need to have previous training with us to apply.

As a licensed massage therapist you may choose to take a single CE course to comply with licensure renewal requirements or work your way through the entire program to add a Thai Massage focus to your practice.

Which course you start with is up to you. We hope the information in this article helps you decide!

Elevate Thai Massage Courses are broken down into the following categories :

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