Thai Massage Training : Where to Start

We have you for a few days. We need you for many months.

Each of our Thai massage courses offers a different, full body sequence of techniques. To determine the best class to start with check out the descriptions and prerequisites below.

Note : You must be a licensed massage therapist to attend our trainings. We also welcome current massage students who have completed at least 50% of their school curriculum to join us in our 1/2 day intro course.

Elevate Thai massage courses are broken down into the following categories :

  • All levels mat courses

  • Intermediate and advanced mat courses

  • Table Thai courses


From one day intros to multi-day intensives, these courses are sure to get your Thai massage skills flowin' no matter what level of practice you are on.

Intro to Thai Massage : A Mat-Based Body Mechanics Course for Beginners - 1/2 Day Course

Working on a mat on the floor is a new experience for many massage therapists. If you are curious about Thai massage but not ready to jump into an intensive, multi-day training then try this class out.

  • Is Thai massage something I'm physically able to do?

  • Is it something I'll enjoy doing?

  • What type of commitment to training do I need to make to offer this service to my clients?

We will answer questions like these through experiential movement activities that includes learning a short Thai massage sequence that you'll be able to practice at home with a partner and use to demonstrate Thai massage to your clients should you decide to continue on with more training.

Thai Massage Open & Ground - 2 Day Course

It is a misconception that Thai massage is ALL about stretching. Applying acupressure along the sen lines with with your palms, thumbs, knees and feet is an important part of a Thai massage session. This work generally comes BEFORE any of the deep, exotic stretches that are often portrayed in the Thai massage photos we see in advertisements. The sequence in this class builds upon itself so that the body is properly prepared for the full body stretches we will teach you at the end. Supine and prone position. Beginner-friendly.

Thai Massage Stretch to Seated - 3 Day Course

The sequence in this class is a combination of acupressure and stretches for the client in supine and seated positions. It starts with a supine sequence of hip openers followed by some work on the neck, shoulders and torso. To finish we transition the client into the seated position and move through a sequence for the arms, back, neck and shoulders. There is quite a bit of choreography in this class since each of the moves builds upon the other. The transitions are equally as important as the applications themselves and the practitioner will be spending a lot of time on their knees as they learn how to properly execute the moves. Beginner-friendly.

Thai Massage for Side-Lying Position - 3 Day Course

You may not believe that we can spend three full days working in the side-lying position but it's true, we do! Many students tell us that this is the only mat class they have taken in which many of the techniques translate naturally to the table. Not that we intended it that way! We love side-lying position as a stand-alone treatment OR worked in to a prone and supine sequence to mix things up. It's great for accessing otherwise hard-to-reach areas of the body and initiating a deep relaxation response from the mind and body. Beginner-friendly.

Thai Massage Bend & Twist - 2 Day Course

This is the best of beginner Thai massage bends and twists for supine, prone, side-lying and seated positions. Think partner yoga meets massage therapy. The progressive sequence of techniques you'll learn in this class works great as an adjunct to your table work yet can be applied in a one hour sequence all by themselves.


We do have ONE intermediate class that is suitable for beginners and that is our Thai Core & More - 3 Day Course. We classify it as intermediate due to the abdominal work and the use of the hot herbal compresses. If you start here just remember that you will eventually need to take the other primary courses mentioned above before applying for our 100hr certificate of endorsement or enrolling in some of the advanced courses.


One and two day trainings for therapists who want to integrate Thai massage into their current table practice. We usually offer table Thai courses by request and for special CE events such as conferences or private group trainings. You can take any table Thai course we offer in any order at any time. You can view approved table course descriptions here.


Ok, cool! We welcome experienced practitioners to join us at one of our Thai massage clinics for a skill-level demonstration that will help us determine the best class for you to start with. Can't make the trip? Let's make some time to chat